DJ Nerd42's "Linkin Things" ft Linkin Park's "Living Things"

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DJ Nerd42's “Linkin Things” is a 2015 mashup album that reinterprets every track from Linkin Park’s “Living Things” (2012)

DJ Nerd42 is dedicated to the craft of the mashup concept album, where all the tracks work together to tell a larger story. Want more? Check out the previous albums, “White Materia: Final Fantasy VII Mashups” (2013), “Deltron 3742” (2012) and “It’s Pronounced Forty-Two!” (2010)


Some Comments

Linkin Things, like all my albums, is designed to be heard together in a specific order, which actually differs somewhat from the order I released the individual tracks in. It really is an album and I consider it to be a mashup masterpiece: a fine example of what the mashup scene/genre is all about.

I took an entire album (Linkin Park's "Living Things") and changed every part of it, made it completely my own. There is no part of it which you can listen to and conclude, "Ah, he's just copying that." It is in that sense completely original. Certainly far more original than the crap that gets on the radio these days. I have worked hard on this album and others to help elevate mashups into a higher form of art.

And somehow I forgot to repost it in the "Compilations" section so here it is.



Music videos:

Track previews
  • Lost in the Echoes (Linkin Park vs Pink Floyd) ft Dert Floyd
  • My Remains In Hotel California (Linkin Park vs Eagles)
  • We Burned This City (Linkin Park vs Starship)
  • Lies, Greed, Koopa Shells (Linkin Park vs Super Mario Bros) ft Teddy Faley
  • Intruder Be Gone (Linkin Park vs The Gregory Brothers ft Antoine Dodson)
  • Castle of Furious Glass Angels (Linkin Park vs Rob Dougan)
  • Victimized by Teachers (Linkin Park vs Daft Punk)
  • Roads to Black (Linkin Park vs Fort Minor)
  • More Skin to Bone (Linkin Park vs Mars ILL vs Queen) ft Ahmad of 4th Avenue Jones
  • Until It Bells (Linkin Park vs Mike Oldfield)
  • DJ Nerd42 Speaks (Public Service Announcement)
    (get it on BandCamp)
  • A Roar That Never Comes (Linkin Park ft Steve Aoki vs Monsters University ft Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia)
  • Witherless (Linkin Park vs Dream Theater)

If any of the preview players don't work, then just get it on BandCamp

YouTube: click here


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    As a Linkin Park fan and 'masher', I can say I totally love your work.
    What a memorable mashup collection!

    Huge kudos for this gem.
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 3,176Super Moderator
    So far, I thoroughly enjoyed the two video tracks. Next, I delve into the entire album. Will be back with more musings on it's content.
    This really seems a great success as a project. :thumbup:
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  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 3,176Super Moderator

    01- neat mix. I liked the floyd used.

    02- Good intro. Mix is very enjoyable. A fine combo.

    03 - one neat mix. I didn’t expect it to be this good, as starship is not a big fave of mine, but it’s very good.

    04 - Short, but sweet. Nicely done.

    05 - Very appealing work. This brings out the best qualities of both sources.

    06 - A highlight of this comp. Sounds so very natural, & likable. A fave.

    07 - Short, but sweet. Nicely done.

    08 - The gap at 33 seconds throws me a bit ( & the others ). Is that necessary? I liked the rest. A minor point, actually, compared to to how nice the rest is.

    09 - I dig this one a lot. Fine vibe to it.

    10 - Took me a second to adjust, & then bob’s your uncle, I enjoyed it plenty. After the first minute, I was well into it.

    11 - This announcement track I am impressed by. Good talk!

    12 - Another very fine mix. Liked it a lot.

    13 - Deffo my fave track of the comp. Great use of sources. I am so into Dream Theater.

    The comp is a big winner with me, guaranteeing many more plays from me.The cover is fine, & as memorable as the audio.

    The comic included is cool, too. Well done.

    All is great here. It makes you look wonderfully talented, as you clearly are.

    The album is well mastered as a whole, while I did feel the entire project could be raised in waveform by about 2 dB. Not that important, but a welcome touch for any comp.

    Many thanks for bringing it on. You have my interest on all your mixes, from now on.

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  • Nerd42Nerd42 Posts: 42Member
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    I did feel the entire project could be raised in waveform by about 2 dB
    Everything is right up to the red line. Turned up even 1 db more and it would not actually sound any louder, plus it would start losing sound dynamics. (lowering quality) I am dealing with digital source material which is already heavily compressed in most cases and I cannot compress it much more without quality taking a major nosedive.

    Your other criticism (of track 8) may be on point, but I just thought I should say: Listen to the Alan Parsons preaching it cause there couldn't be any higher authority on audio engineering for popular music than Alan Parsons.
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