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PSY vs. The Hives - Tick Boom Gangnam Style (Rudec & Chocomang Mashup)

RudecRudec Posts: 161Member
You know those days when you're making a great mashup and in the end you remember that you had forgot to check if anyone already had done that same mashup?
Well... this was one of those days.
BUT instead of deleting it and passing on to the next bundle of songs, I thought "this could be fun, having two similar mashups but each with it's own particularities"...
I don't know if Chocomang approved the idea or not, but I've told him then and I stick to my opinion, we could use any or both as a "Rudec & Chocomang Mashup".
I guess he didn't like that then, because I was just a newbie on the mashups.
Hope not to get him mad at me now :P


Here's Chocomang's own version.


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  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 2,532Super Moderator
    I find it to be a welcome addition to Chocomang's previous version. For me, both are welcome. Yours has a "thinner" feel to it than Choc's, but it doesn't detract in the slightest. It still sounds like it was always this way.

    I checked by having company listen.
    Vanessa didn't know either of the source tracks ( Rush fan ),
    but thought it was "really cool".

    Much praise to you, & many thanks.
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  • chocomangchocomang in the living roomPosts: 1,650Member
    Hop Hop, the idea of mixing those two tracks was excellent and it's logical that several mashers have the same idea.

    There was also the reverse that was made by Mashy & Scratchy:

    A little before that I released the same combination. I remember Mashy & Scratchy were extremely upset by the fact I release it, and more upset to see I release it first :pardon:

  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 2,532Super Moderator
    Clearly, your practiced ears observed successful pairings alike.
    A credit to your skills.

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