COLDWAVE, The Coldwave, Darkwave and Post-punk mashup album.

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COLDWAVE, The Coldwave, Darkwave and Post-punk mashup album.

01 Alabama Spellbound (Siouxsie and the Banshees vs Grateful Dead) - DJ Useo
02 Lucretia Beats (Sisters Of Mercy vs The Go-Gos) - Chocomang
03 The Frozen Force - Part I (The Droids vs Madonna) - DJ Useo
04 A Forest Away (The Cure vs Lenny Kravitz) - Chocomang
05 Perfect Roman Photo (Ruth vs Pink) - DJ Useo
06 September Fall (The Chameleons vs Earth, Wind and Fire) - Chocomang
07 Unicorn Silk Skin Paws (Wire vs Basement Jaxx) DJ Useo
08 Close to the Story (30 seconds to Mars vs The Cure) - Chocomang
09 Lullaby Game (The Cure vs Queen) - DJ Useo
10 Lady Darkness (Anne Clark vs Beattraax vs Boney M vs Sunstroke Project) - Chocomang
11 Paranoid Home Computer (Kraftwerk vs Garbage) - DJ Useo
12 Fascination Figure (The Cure vs Nickelback) - Chocomang
13 Quiet Boom Life (Japan vs P.O.D.) - DJ Useo
14 I melt with pretty noose (Soundgarden vs Modern English) - Chocomang
15 Alex Chilton Ceremony (New Order vs Replacements) - DJ Useo
16 Monkey Skin (The Chameleons vs Pixies) - Chocomang
17 Never Stop Buddy Holly (Echo & The Bunnymen vs Weezer) - DJ Useo
18 Shock The Mussolini (D.A.F vs Peter Gabriel) - Chocomang
19 Perfekt Person To Person (Hypothetical Prophets vs Matt Minimal) - DJ Useo
20 Never Give Your Heart A Break Again (Depeche Mode vs Demi Lovato) - Chocomang
21 Dr Mabuse Time (Propaganda vs Owl City & CRJ) - DJ Useo & Chocomang



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