Davie Stennox - The Mashythmics II (The Eurythmics Bootlegs Rebooted - 2014)

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A side - Those Sweet Dreams
01) G3RSt - Disco Dreams (Eurythmics vs Siriusmo vs Fake Blood vs Gorillaz)
02) Mashupbambi - Sweet Dreams Of Soho (Bambis Atemlos Mash Up)
03) Voicedude - Sweet Teenage Dreams
04) Sergio Billeci - Sweet Fireflies Summer Magic
05) DJ Genesis - Here Comes The Rain (DJ Genesis Stormy Breaks Remix)
06) DJ Sunsite - Sweet Colors
07) Ms Doll - Rhythm of dreams (Eurythmics vs Corona)
08) DJ Earworm - Policy of sweet dreams
09) Kon-Tempt Remix Production - Sweet Dreams (Electro Urban Remix Feat. Busta Rhymes)
10) Mumdy - Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (Mumdy Edit)
11) DJ Jay-R - Sweet Sovereign (Lady Sovereign vs. Eurythmics vs. Shiny Grey)
12) FIEESTO - Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics Vs Dill The Noise)
13) DRA'man - Gimme sweet way (Aerosmith Vs Eurythmics Vs Abba)
14) Electrosound - Sweet Motorcycle Dreams (Eurythmics vs. Basement Jjaxx vs. Alex Gopher)
15) sparky DEEP SOUND DESIGN - Sweeter Dreams (DSD Remix)
16) Fissunix - Sweet Apologize
17) Marc Reason - Sweet Dreams (23PrivateBootleg)
18) Sergio Billeci - Sweet your Love Spirit of Truth
19) Mistah Pok - Du dreams
20) DJ Mainro - Sweet Bazooka Dreams (Edit)
21) Tesher - The Language of Sweet Dreams (Drake x Eurythmics x Swedish House Mafia)
22) Bonustrack: Djs From Mars - Sweet Dreams (Beyonce vs Eurythmics Fm Rmx)

B side - Here Comes The Other Stuff
01) Oki - Shut Up, Lily
02) Mashupbambi - Electric Rain (Lady Gaga feat Eurythmics - Mashupbambi Chapel Mash Up)
03) Mistah Pok - Who's that alive
04) Chocomang - I Know The First Cut (Eurythmics vs Pitbull)
05) Dj Gaya - 17 Little Birds (Annie Lennox vs J.A.R.)
06) DJ Prince - Here Comes The Rain Again (DJ Prince 2013 Remix)
07) Ayee - Cool Blue that I used to know (Eurythmics vs Gotye feat. Kimbra)
08) Crome - Love is a stranger (CromeRMX)
09) Eddie Pedalo - Sex Crime 1984 (E.P. Edit)
10) Roxy Emotions - Here Comes The Pride Again (Eurythmics vs Barry Harris)
11) Mistah Pok - Cool do you want from blue
12) Mumdy - Little Bird 2k14 (Edit)
13) Oki - Le Sinistre Hammond (Eurythmics vs. Horst Saubert)
14) DJ 3PO - Here Comes the Rain Again (3PO Rerun)
15) DJ Earworm - Stairway to Bootleg Heaven
16) Sergio Billeci - Do you Ruled Funky Blue Bird
17) FIEESTO - Gals Of Love
18) DJ Spider - Here Comes The Storm Again (The Doors vs. The Eurythmics)
19) Mistah Pok - No fear, no hate, no crush
20) Mashupbambi - Beautiful Sex Crime (Lady Gaga feat Eurythmics)
21) Oki - Sweet Dreams, Girl (Eurythmics vs. Beyonce)
22) Mumdy - Here Comes The Rain Again 2k14
23) Voicedude - Tik, Tok, First, Get Ready (Edit)

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