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Monster Mashup X 40 track comp for Halloween!

DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 2,259Super Moderator


Good evening Boos and Ghouls...
Monster Mashup, and Mashup of the Day
are proud to present Monster Mashup X!

40 spine-tingling tracks on 2 terrifying discs!
Featuring monstrous mashups, wicked remixes, ominous originals,
and even a few tracks that have been hiding in dark corners of the web!

There are even tracks visiting from AtoZ and DJ Useo's album;
The Sinister Season: In a Moony Mood!


Contributing artists include:
Alan Black, AtoZ, Bobby C Sound TV, Bros Rock Crew, Ceasar K,
Cheekyboy, Dan Absent, dj BC, DJ Deville, DJ Hal & MC Rowena,
DJ Palermo, DJ Schmolli, DJ Shokkout, DJ ShyBoy, DJ Spider,
DJ Useo, Fettdog, Fissunix, Frail Limb Purity, G3RSt, G4Gorilla,
Gatzilla Mashup, Hot Couture, JP, Kill_mR_DJ, Morpheus Mashup,
Pilchard, Romano Gemini, Skeewiff, Stefano Ercolino, and Voicedude!

That's it, no more talking... Click! Download! Listen! Enjoy! Share! Spread! Go!
Oh, and do it twice to make sure you get BOTH albums!
-Jeremy Girard of MASHUP OF THE DAY

Links for both discs here -

Please invite your friends and favorite mixers to join AudioBoots.


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