Ikaros Supermix

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just finished mixing this, and it was a bit long in 1 pass, than cutted in 2 parts ;)

Intro (Godley & Creme)
Soulsister / The Way To Your Heart
Split Mirrors / The Right Time
Pete Townshend / Face To Face
Milli Vanilli / Girl You Know It's True
Eighth Wonder / I'm Not Scared
Oingo Boingo / Not My Slave
Samantha Fox / Touch Me
Dolby's Cube / Howard The Duck
Simple Minds/ Don't You
Chicago / Along Comes A Woman
Thompson Twins / Hold Me Now
Matthew Wilder / The Kid's American
Tony Esposito / Kalimba De Luna
The Cure / Why Can't I Be You
The Twins / Ballet Dancer
Valerie Dore / The Night
Miko Mission / How Old Are You
Koto / Japanese War Game
Den Harrow / Don't Break My Heart
P. Lion / Happy Children
Jellybean / Sidewalk Talk
David Byrne / Make Believe Mambo
Chas Jankel / Glad To Know You
Blue System / Under My Skin
Afrika Bambaataa & UB40 / Reckless
Video / Somebody
Spagna / Call Me
Moti Special / Cold Days Hot Nights
Jellybean / The Mexican
Inxs / What You Need
Fox The Fox / Precious Little Diamond
John Rocca / I Want It To Be Real
Modern Talking / You're My Heart You're My Soul
Rick Astley / Take Me To Your Heart
Ken Laszlo / Tonight
Ivan / Fotonovela
Bad Boys Blue / You're A Woman
My Mine / Hypnotic Tango

mp3 : http://ti1ca.com/fr5vkbve-Ikaros-Supermix--side-A-Ikaros-Supermix--side-A-.mp3.html

wav : http://ti1ca.com/ka5x32kt-Ikaros-Supermix--side-A-Ikaros-Supermix--side-A-.WAV.html

Intro (Godley & Creme)
Ryan Paris / Dolce Vita
Peter Brown / Love Is Just The Game
Desirless / Voyage Voyage
FR David / I Need You
Gazebo / Lunatic
Secret Service / Flash In The Night
CC Catch / I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
Silent Circle / Touch In The Night
Martika / I Feel The Earth Move
Grant Miller / Red For Love
Duran Duran / All She Wants Is
Sandra / In The Heat Of The Night
Bros / I Owe You Nothing
Fancy / Chinese Eyes
Boney M / Happy Song
The Four Tops / Loco In Acapulco
Chaka Khan / I Feel For You
Oingo Boingo / Weird Science
Nick Kamen / I Promised Myself
Gino Vannelli / Black Cars
The Romantics / Talking In Your Sleep
Romeo Void / A Girl In trouble
The Christians / Harvest For The World
Thomas Anders / Why Do You Cry
Dusty Springfield / In Private
Berlin / No More Words
New Order / Round & Round
The Quick / Bed Of Nails
The J Geils Band / Concealed Weapond
Laid Back / One Life
A Flock Of Seagulls / Who's That Girl
Lady Pank / Minus Zero
Toni Basil / Hey Mickey

mp3 : http://ti1ca.com/g6pfjrld-Ikaros-Supermix--side-B-Ikaros-Supermix--side-B-.mp3.html

wav : http://ti1ca.com/pwgx40bx-Ikaros-Supermix--side-B-Ikaros-Supermix--side-B-.WAV.html


label : http://ti1ca.com/jvensogm-ikaros-supermix-ikaros-supermix.bmp.html



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