"A Seemingly Random Tow Pack of Mashes" from DJ Kal

Oh good, now that I have your attention, I have news... These will be my final two official mashups of not only 2022, but probably for a while. Don't fear, I won't be gone for good, and you may actually hear from me more often on other channels, so this is semi-retirement, not death. I determined I need to stop forcing myself to do things in old ways and doing them perfectly, and instead go back to just fucking around with music and seeing what I can learn to do.

SO... With that all being said, welcome to the last two mashups you're gonna hear out of me for a while. Enjoy 'em!



The first track is all about taking Lizzo's girlboss anthem, and giving it more of an actual edge. I decided punk was the right vibe, and Fall Out Boy, while technically pop-punk, provided the kind of bass this track needed.



The second track is all about mixing that motown feel with today's dance-pop. The Supremes offer the melody while Ed brings his ever-present "goofy but sexy" attitude to a mash that feels like a dance party out of time.


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