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Kate Bush mashups

MinorArthMinorArth Paris, CaliforniaPosts: 90Member
Since we recently got an avalanche of Kate Bush mashups (99% Running Up That Hill), following its revival with the new season of Stranger Things, I was thinking of putting the best ones together here.
I had made one 2 years ago, that pushed me to update it, then made 2 more new ones last week, making sure all 3 would end up very different. Add your own and other favorite ones in this thread !

Depeche Mode & Kate Bush - Running Stripped | V4
= Depeche Mode - Stripped (Black Celebration, 1986)
+ Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Hounds Of Love, 1985)
+ piano from Placebo's version

Video from originals + live and TV performances:

Big thanks to @steffstmoore for helping me correct the pitch from 2020 version.

Mike Oldfield & Kate Bush - Running Up That North Star
= Mike Oldfield - Platinum Finale - Part Four - North Star (1979)
+ Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (1985)

A new mashup, but possibly from my oldest idea: I used to hear both tunes as a kid, but I did not know the title of the Mike Oldfield instrumental ... So the difficulty was not to make the mashup, but having to listen to at least 6 albums to find North Star from the 1979 album Platinum (which i learned is a cover of Philip Glass's North star!)
So glad I found it and was able to finally make it ! I suspect Kate might have got some inspiration from the rhythm, melody and the choirs, even on other tracks on her Hounds of Love album.


Lazerhawk & Kate Bush - Distress Signal On That Hill
= Lazerhawk - Distress Signal (Redline, 2010) |
+ Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Hounds Of Love, 1985)

A pretty straightforward mashup, 200% Syntwhave, where Lazerhawk's 2010s Synthwave meets classic 80s synth-pop/new wave.


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