The Star Girls vs. Celtic Woman - Holiday Flow

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The Star Girls vs. Celtic Woman - Holiday Flow


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  • chocomangchocomang in the leaving roomPosts: 1,848Member
    Nice video to watch but the sound is very low
  • Great tune! Thank you so much!
  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 2,806Super Moderator
    I like the mix just fine.
    Not intending to nitpick, but the final production seemed to need more.

    I extracted the audio, compressed & re-eq'ed it.
    Then add 5 dB to the waveform, which I clipped slightly.

    This provided a clearer display of it's charms & faults,
    bringing the obvious into discernment.
    Here's an mp3 of the remaster.

    The high end treble seems a bit harsh & might benefit from reduction, still.

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  • chocomangchocomang in the leaving roomPosts: 1,848Member
    I have found that using live concert footage for the mashups videos reduce the risk of being removed.
  • Thanks for your feedback. I'd say it's due to the volume range of the classical style of Celtic Woman that caused that, or the original sound levels. I'll keep that in mind when mixing that sort of music in the future, or for post production.
  • Thank you so much. I agree it required more post-processing with compression, nomalisation and EQ. The initial levels are automated by the Rave inc. software though I do have the ability to post-process the audio. It's not often that I use classical style music and have to be aware of the range for that style. I appreciate this. Thank you.

    Admittedly when I get an idea that seems to work, I tend to rush to get it out there in excitement, but now understand the importance of reflecting and analysing the track first before the final mix is released. This is a good lesson for any mashup artists so that you don't have to amend and re-release the mashup which can be an inconvenience.
  • I really want to say thank you for the cover artwork. It's lovely. I hadn't been able to respond as I lost my old password and only got access back to my account now.

    I had decided to hold on making mashups on my channels as it increases chances for them to all be removed. Though may return with another channel in the future.
  • That's definitely correct. It's the reason I sometimes choose live concert footage or sources like Top of The Pops. It's usually the official music videos that have their content listed in the system. Where as the live footage is taken from TV stations, other providers and their own event broadcastings. It's a good way to work around these issues.
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