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BOWIE megamix

DoMDoM Posts: 244Member
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A megamix with my first David Bowie mashups and remixes. A second is coming soon.
1.Space oddity (orchestral) 2.Space daydream 3.Forbidden dance (vs RYUICHI SAKAMOTO) 4.Lazarus (orchestral) 5. Heroes (DoM mix) 6. Life on mars (vs TRENT REZNOR & ATTICUS ROSS) ) 7.Let's dance (piano version) 8.Blackstar (flamenco version) 9. Starman (strings) 10.Ziggy Stardust (unplugged) 11.Under pressure (strings) 12.Fortunate city (vs CREEDENCE CLEAR-WATER REVIVAL) 13.Fame machine (vs JAMES BROWN) 14.Suffragette city (almost unplugged) 15. See Emily play (vs PINK FLOYD) 16.The model dance (vs KRAFTWERK) 17. Bad guy ain't easy (vs BILLIE EILISH) 18.Another one bites the fame (vs QUEEN) 19.A forest for Lazarus (vs THE CURE) 20.All you need is five years (vs THE BEATLES)


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