Summer Booty 2021 Album Coming Soon

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The 15th Annual “Summer Booty
The Summer Mashup Album”
will see release on June 20th 2021.

The Summer Booty album series features tracks mixed
by your favorite bootleggers all intended to portray the
mixers’ concept of “Eternal Summer”.

Over the course of 14 past releases this series has featured
home producers like DJ Morgoth, Miss Frenchie, DJ Zebra,
DJ Moule, Solcofn, Fissunix, DRA’man, & so many more.

The success of the past volumes inspired us to more,
so, a new volume will see release in about three weeks.

The tracks that have arrived so far are stunning.
Still enough time left to join us on this excellent venture.
Send your mix to me if you want to be featured.
Firm deadline is June 15th.


Past Summer Booty releases located down the page here -

Please invite your friends and favorite mixers to join AudioBoots.


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