Toy vs Trivium - A Crença Do Teu Ódio

Title Translation: The Belief Of Your Hatred


This mashup is all about heartbreaking delusions and bittersweetness after the end of relationships.

Toy - Só Creio Em Ti (vocais)
Trivium - The Heart From Your Hatred (instrumental)


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  • DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 2,532Super Moderator
    I really dig metal, & Trivium is a big fave.
    Great to hear this combo. It plays like it began this way.
    Well done, M8. Great genre clash, as I love it.


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  • djpetrushkadjpetrushka Posts: 613Member
    Great mashup. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks a lot.
  • GladiLordGladiLord Posts: 21Member
    Thanks, Useo.

    Fun Fact: These 2 sides actually acted together before on a Portuguese Festival called VOA in 2019, where Matt Heafy covered a popular Toy song at that time and, in return, the portuguese singer sung some parts of "Until The World Goes Cold", act that had as highlight Toy doing pushups during the solo.

    Since then, everytime I do mashups with Trivium, I mash it with Toy, almost as if it was a law. :smiley:
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