DOUBLE FEATURE: Dj Kal Presents - Mr. Blindisde AND Yesterday's Funk Never Comes

So this time around you're getting a two for one deal. Why? Because they both technically replace one track you may have known from my days on Hearthis. And, much like my Hearthis profile, that sucker is now dead, so I grant you these in it's place. One is 100% The Weeknd fueled Killers for that update on the Billboard Top 100 that it never technically left, and the other is giving The Beatles a groove they could have never expected.


Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

And if you came off that last one going "eh, I like the sound, but can I have THREE songs at a time?" you're in luck!


Yesterday - The Beatles
A Light That Never Comes - Linkin Park
Safe & Sound - Capital Cities

So I hope you guys like these, I know they definitely sound better than the original, which needs to be sped up to 135 BPM to even sound right. In case you really want to hear it, I'll give you the bonus of the Google Drive link. You get to figure out the tracklist for yourself though. Cheers!



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