Disrealization Feels Right plus 1 more

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  • bastardWbastardW Posts: 67Administrator
    Hey RageFace!

    You really need to improve your posts.

    1. Give a title
    2. Put one or more pictures
    3. Add a player
    4. Explain what you have mixed, the source tracks you have used, if you don't it will make no difference with piracy and the post will have to be removed

    Your post could look like this:
    DJRageFace - A Good Title


    I mixed whatever with blahblah and anything
    instrumental: whatever
    acapella: blahblah
    sample: anything

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    The listeners will appreciate it, I think.
    I touched it up for you.
    Really enjoyed both mixes. I see you posted more.
    Count on me to listen soon.
    Please invite your friends and favorite mixers to join AudioBoots.

  • Hey, nice one! Loved this. Dancey, which for me makes a huge difference. Thanks for sharing.
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