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dj useo-channel mix experimental complete (3:47:31)

DJUseoDJUseo Posts: 2,169Super Moderator


dj useo-channel mix experimental complete

This is the complete long version of the 3
shorter mixes I did on
as broadcast on SUS Radio


a-channel x

01-Mike Ewanus-Real Music
02-Wobbly-3 Sex Tunes:Eggs,Baby,Feelings
03-Dictionaraoke-Oops...I Did It Again
(M-Sli(c)k da Ninja Mix)
04-Workshoppe Radiophonik-Jinglephonics 15
05-Stark Effect-The Beating Goes On
06-The Former Yugoslavia-Bores The Unhurt Folk
07-Bonefish Sam & His Power Orchestra-
Every Toy I've Ever Owned
08-(c)(P)ee-Jungie Jungie
09-The Button/Beatles-Blue Jay Way
10-Tim Maloney-Closer (Nine Inch Muzak)
13-Steev Hise-Ferrante,Zeppelin & Teicher
14-Bionic Cats-Tonights The Night (Live Version)
15-Stop Children-Medicine Head
16-Project:Data Control-Meltdown
17-Irene Moon-Floraladehyde (Extract)
18-Siegfried Wendel-Thats The Berlin Air
(Circa 1880)
19-Antideluvian Rocking Horse-Da Danger Music
20-White Virus-Venetian Snares Megamix
21-Loathing Robots-Noise Consists Of Random
Frequencies Heard At The Same Time
22-Steve Fisk-Break On Through
23-M.A.Numminen-Wovon Mann Nicht Sprechen
Kann Daruber Muss Mann
24-Jan Van Den Dobblesteen-Don't Look Back
26-Meat-Battery Acid

b-channel y?

01-Maja Ratkjie-Intro
02-DJ DQ-Where The Sidewalk Begins,PA
04-Fudgie & Fufu-God Bless America,Especially
05-People Like Us-Stifled Love
06-Evolution Control Committee-Bred,White & Woo
07-Kevin Moore-Intro/It Goes Something Like...
08-Mochipet-Yes vs.No Means No
09-Scret Cheifs 3 (Sic)-Jabalqa/Sabarsa
(Blaerg Remix)
10-Chuck Palahniuk-Choke,Pt.1
12-Pantera-Metal Magic
13-Emu Orchestra-Session 1 On July 5,2002
14-Sound Freaks-Ain't No Fun At All
15-XNET-Flash Kommisar Crash
16-We Lives-C'Mon C'Mon
17-Master Of The Uni-Hurz
18-Los Samplers-Mambo Brilliante
20-John Brion-Row
22-Donna Summer-Paintball Wizard
23-Bikini Machine-Who's Gon'na Make It?
24-John Oswald-Angle
25-Treacherous Three-New Rap Language
26-!!!-The Step
27-MC Chris-DQ Blizzard-
28-Stephen Fearing-Like The Way That You Said
29-Christoph de Babalon-Appetite 4 Destruction
30-Archie Bell & The Drells-Tighten Up
31-David Holmes-Head Rush On Lafayette
32-Ashley MacIsaac-Sleepy Maggie
33-Venetian Snares-Make Ronnie Rocket
34-Citizen King-Jalopy Style
36-Skeeter-Blodclot Gangsta Youth Club
37-Buck 65-Keep Your Hand Off My Girl

c-channel zee

01-Alfred Wolfson-Vox Humana
02-The Cranial Fishers-Escape
03-Spo-Its-All Radio Is Dead
04-Robin Goldwater w/ They Might Be Giants-
I Hear A New World
06-Rob,Andy & Tom-Death By Gravy
07-Isnasakenai Douji-Sticklebrick
08-Skkatter-Dirty Pop
09-Naked Rabbit-Thunderclock
10-Evolution Control Committee-
The Subatomic Opera
11-Evolution Control Committee-
Ping Poing Percussion Power Party
12-Workshoppe Radio Phonik-Time Jams '84
13-Trotters-Ice Ice Bacon
14-Myriam Bessette-Mutation
15-DJ Stoic-Antimashup
16-The Faint-Take Me To The Hospital
17-The Klangers-Spacemen Smoke Spliffs
18-That WQ Girl-Shuffle Off To Bob-O-Lo
19-Tipsy-Space Golf
20-My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-
Blue Buddha
21-The Butthead Astronomers-Hip-O-Crit
22-Negativland-The Greatest Taste Around
23-Eilart Pilarm-In The Ghetto
24-Half Japanese-Tracks Of My Tears
25-Mark N-I Love Faeces
26-Peyr-Killer Boogie
27-Digital Droo-Monkey Developers
28-Smith 'n' Hack-Tribute b3 1Mi
(aka Scratch Your Ass Off)
29-'uncredited'-Radio Remix VI
30-Siouxzie Wrong-Cakewalk
31-Presto & Spartanite-The Walton Hop Disco
32-Ciccone Youth-Into The Groove-Y
33-Klaus Nomi-Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!
34-Hard Off-Destroy Shit Tracks
35-Donovan's Brain-Derailment
36-Skip Found Teli & MPI-Panty Boiler
37-The Krankies-It's Fan-Fabi-Dozi
38-Todd Bramy-Henry & Rita

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