BLP - "Stand Behind Her" mash set

Hey everybody! It's been a while but here are some mashes to sate
your hiphop mash cravings!! ha!

Some straight enough stuff here, first three use the acapella and the fourth uses the instrumental
of a track called "Stand Behind Her" by Beatking.
The fourth track uses the acapella "Word On The Street" by BLVD Marc, (which I have done some mashes of previously!)


Behind Her Mashes - Boots Leg Pharm


"Swear Behind Her" - Boots Leg Pharm
Acapella : "Stand Behind Her"(Acapella) - Beatking feat. DJ Chose
Instrumental : "I Swear" - Murlo

"Stand Her Venom" - Boots Leg Pharm
Acapella : "Stand Behind Her"(Acapella) - Beatking feat. DJ Chose
Instrumental : "Venom" - Darq E Freaker

"Flexible Behind" - Boots Leg Pharm
Acapella : "Stand Behind Her"(Acapella) - Beatking feat. DJ Chose
Instrumental : "Flexible Minds " - Curtiss King

"Stand On The Street" - Boots Leg Pharm
Acapella : "Word On The Street" - Blvd Marc feat. Fetty Wap & Yung Jock
Instrumental :"Stand Behind Her"(Instrumental) - Beatking feat. DJ Chose
Boots Leg Pharm
"Feel Good Mashups!"


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    01 - Swear Behind Her

    Great combo. I enjoy the motion much. Production is tight. A mighty fine track. I enjoyed it very loud.

    02 - Stand Her Venom

    While I really enjoyed the above mix, I liked this a little more. A very natural “feel” to this one. The give & take syncopation between the fodder sources is to savor. Notably smooth production. btw - No need to censor bad language for me, I prefer the full experience. Great work on this gem.

    03 - Flexible Behind

    I think this is quite good. Not really indistinguishable from a label release, as it plays so naturally. I notice it is really enjoyable. It may be the best of these variants, however my personal fave is still 2.

    04 - Stand On The Street

    Killer mix. Sounds like it began this way. Great combo with great production sound. Kudos!

    Great use of sources. Also, praise for the covers. A superb post, for sure. Big thanks.

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  • Really liked all four. Great addition to our site. Thanks, dude.
  • Thanks for the comments, dudes!
    Really happy these were well received!
    In relation to the censorship, unfortunately I only had access to a "clean" radio edit style acapella , would have prefered an unedited one, but was willing to work with this! haha!

    Thanks Useo!
    Thanks DjPetrushka!
    Boots Leg Pharm
    "Feel Good Mashups!"
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